Workshops on audit procedures

In response to numerous requests and inquiries from statutory auditors, we now organise, beyond the CPD training, also workshops relating to audit procedures and audit documentation, based on examples, work in groups and discussions moderated by experienced experts.

These workshops make use of the long-standing experience of our partner Mirosław Kośmider in steering the National Supervisory Committee, in the course of which, on behalf of the NSC, he discussed conclusions along with typical irregularities with NSC inspectors and controllers as well as statutory auditors in various regions of the country.

Particular attention is turned to the effectiveness of audit procedures and proper documentation of measures taken.

In the course of the workshops we focus in particular on the following problems:

  • how an audit can be planned so as to be not only properly conducted but effective;
  • how audit risks are identified, and what procedures and tools can be applied;
  • how audit procedures are selected in response to risk so as to raise the degree to which an audit is effective and maintain its quality;
  • procedures specific to audit individual assertions of the financial statements (e.g. valuation of inventory, completeness of liabilities, etc.).

This training is organised periodically, according to level of demand, following receipt of a suitable number of declarations.

In the event of an interest in attending the training, or to obtain additional information, please contact us at our our e-mail address.

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