On the basis of long-standing experience we specialise in valuations of enterprises, shares and shares of companies, as well as organised parts of enterprises. In conducting a valuation, we select methods based on the objectives of the valuation, the nature of the entity being valued and the availability of data, as well as other, particular circumstances. We take a professional approach and make use of instruments and databases in accordance with the methods applied. For instance, in the case of income-based methods we often apply professional mathematical models with the use of selected attributes, supported by index-based methods.

In the case of asset-based methods we undertake a verification of asset and liability valuation, but also, in the case of the adjusted net asset method, undertake a revaluation of tangible assets with use of a valuer. Where justified we also make use of income-based methods, e.g. DCF, with concern also for the plausibility of the assumptions made by the entity.

Specialising in valuations, we have participated in a certain amount of work forming a basis for determination of a purchase / sale price between parties, including parties to disputes. We have also undertaken valuation for courts.

We have experience in the valuation of companies in various trades, such as:

  • publishing;
  • ceramics;
  • textiles;
  • financial services.

We also specialise in valuations of other property elements, for instance:

  • know-how;
  • trademarks;
  • contributions in kind.                 


Making use of both the experience and expertise of a consultant and auditor in the course of a valuation process, we are able to obtain a reliably defined value which offers the contracting party a solid basis for subsequent decisions and activities.

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