As part of the training which we organise we focus on the practical application of the expertise acquired. We seek answers to the questions of 'how' and 'why', and not only of 'what', for instance, should be done. We make use of various forms of training, including workshops, with the resolution of examples in groups and moderated discussions, completed with a drawing of practical conclusions. We are entitled by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors to conduct compulsory training for statutory auditors.

We specialise in training in:

  • accounting and reporting (including IFRS);
  • auditing (including ISA);
  • tax;
  • risk management and corporate oversight.

We organise training for statutory auditors and accountants (Continuing Professional Development – CPD), but also for members of supervisory boards and audit committees.

Our current offer of training includes:


We offer training led by practitioners. We adapt the offering to the needs of colleagues to the broadest possible degree, in particular to those pursuing the profession of statutory auditor. For this reason we make use of various forms of training, depending on subject matter, placing great emphasis on improving practical skills.

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