Risk management

Interest in risk management at enterprises is growing, a result in particular of the requirements of a dynamic and changing market. In response to this interest we invite you to participate in training in ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) systems as well as the analysis and management of risk at enterprises. The training may constitute support in the implementation or restructuring of an ERM system. Our team contains individuals specialising in identification, assessment and management of risk, including at manufacturing firms, service providers and financial institutions.

The training is intended for board members and other individuals responsible for risk management, those managing controlling, accounts and internal audit departments, as well as members of supervisory boards and audit committees.

The training focuses on the following issues:

  • discussion of selected ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) models;
  • identification of risks – procedures, methods and tools;
  • principles for assessment and measurement of individual types of risk;
  • risk management.

This training is organised periodically, according to level of demand, following receipt of a suitable number of declarations.

In the event of an interest in attending the training, or to obtain additional information, please contact us at our our e-mail address.

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