The PRO AUDIT mission is active support for our clients through the provision of services allowing a reduction of their business risks and assisting them in long-term, harmonious development.

A fundamental objective is an adaptation of the nature of the collaboration to the needs of our clients, while remaining a credible and independent auditor and trusted adviser.


The fundamental values by which we are guided are:



Professionalism is a combination of qualifications and commitment; qualifications in turn are expertise and experience. All of these elements together, acquired and consciously developed within our team, allow us to provide services which are often seen by our clients as exceptional with regard to quality and consideration of their expectations.


Reliability is honesty, credibility and solidity, manifesting also in a full application of ethical principles. These values represent the foundation of our relationships with clients. They mean placing the interest of the client first, always. We believe that this attitude is one of the chief reasons for which so many of the new relationships begun become a long-standing collaboration, beneficial to both parties.


Our openness manifests above all in an individual approach to each client, in mutual respect and trust, and in a readiness to take into consideration the needs of our clients.


All of these values combine in a single idea –Pragmatism in relationships with clients and in the accomplishment of the Mission and objectives of the firm. Pragmatism, the search for positive solutions, is for us the root of collaboration. We apply this approach both with our clients and with each other, within our team, thereby supporting the accomplishment of shared objectives.

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