Mergers, divisions and transformations

For well over a decade our statutory auditors have specialised in merger, division and transformation processes. We have participated in mergers conducted at such international corporations as ALSTOM, LAFARGE, BP and ARAL, and HINES and METROPOLITAN, among others. In addition to this, we have supported mergers at Grupa AZOTY, Ster Projekt i ABG as well as divisions of companies, e.g. OPTIMUS S.A., POLSKA GRUPA DEALERÓW S.A., DALKIA Sp. z o.o. and Granosik–Hołowiński Sp. z o.o. We also participated in support of the transformation of LUX-MED. S.A., BP S.A., Emalia Olkusz S.A., CHEMOSERVIS-DWORY S.A., SCANMED S.A., SYNEKTIK S.A., International Paper Kwidzyn S.A. and Baterpol S.A.

The experience acquired in the completion of a number of projects of this type indicates that the success of an undertaking is dependent on the collaboration of specialists in various fields: in finance (for the greatest possible effectiveness), in accounting (to ensure appropriate transaction planning and settlement) and in tax (to optimise results in this regard), valuation and, finally, law.

Our involvement in a merger, division, transformation or acquisition process may be comprehensive or occur at individual stages:

  • that of preparation or verification of the undertaking conception and documents;
  • that at which the undertaking is realised, with coordination and monitoring of the entire process;
  • the verification stage, meaning for instance the audit of the merger, division or transformation plan for the needs of the court;
  • and the final stage, relating to accounting for the transaction with regard to bookkeeping and tax.

The scope of the work should be defined such that no conflict of interests occurs, in the case of the audit of the plan for the needs of the court.

The scope of the services which we offer extends also to assistance in the valuation of enterprises and contributions in  kind, as well as due diligence analyses.


We have expertise and experience allowing our clients comfort and security in the efficient and effective conduct of a restructuring process.

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