For supervisory board and audit committee members

The importance of supervisory boards and audit committees, particularly at companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, has grown considerably of late, as has the responsibility of members, a result of both capital market requirements and articles of law (the act on statutory auditors...) imposing specific tasks on those with these functions. Meanwhile the practice of audit committee functioning on the Polish market continues to develop. Thus the initiative, of organising training which would be a response to the most important practical questions and dilemmas of audit committee members.

The training is intended for members of audit committees and those members of supervisory boards who are interested in a fuller knowledge with regard to audit committee tasks.

The training focuses on the following issues:

  • audit committee tasks resulting from articles of law and practice
  • conditions for effective and efficient audit committee operation
  • practical aspects of audit committee operation, in particular in the performance of tasks related to monitoring:

- the financial reporting process

- the performance of external audit activities

- the efficacy of internal control systems

- the efficacy of internal audit and

- the efficacy of risk management

  • how the work of a committee in the course of a year can be planned.

This training is organised periodically, according to level of demand, following receipt of a suitable number of declarations.

In the event of an interest in attending the training, or to obtain additional information, please contact us at our our e-mail address.


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