Audit services

As an entity authorised to audit financial statements, we perform a full range of audit services, in accordance with national standards and International Standards on Auditing, as well as with particular requirements of other countries or the auditors of individual groups of enterprises.

In particular we conduct audits and reviews of the financial statements, or other historical financial data, including:

  • audit and review of individual and consolidated financial statements, drawn up in accordance with the Accounting Act, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and other, particular accounting principles applied by groups of enterprises;
  • audit and review of consolidation packages drawn up according to the Accounting Act, IFRS and other, particular requirements;
  • audit of historical financial data for the needs of prospectuses and other information documents, including for entities applying for an Initial Public Offering (IPO);
  • audit of financial information in accordance with particular obligations of our clients, e.g. in accordance with the requirements of banks or other financing institutions.

We also conduct audits with a particular scope and requirements, for example:

  • audit of results forecasts;
  • assurance (attestation) services for the purpose of issuing an assurance report relating to control at third parties providing accounting services (outsourcing);
  • audit of realisation of provisions of agreements (e.g. privatisation, other)
  • forensic audits, aimed at detecting economic crimes and abuses;
  • audits of projects financed from EU resources.

In addition, we specialise in the conduct of assurance services, provided on the basis of the Commercial Companies Code, such as:

  • audit of a merger, division and transformation plan (art. 502, 537 and 559 of the Code,  respectively);
  • audit of a joint-stock company founder statement, (art. 312 of the Code);
  • audit of a statement on an increase in capital at joint-stock company (art. 431 of the Code);
  • audit of a board statement in the event of the intention on the part of a joint-stock company to acquire property from shareholders (art. 394 of the Code);
  • audit of contributions in kind in connection with a conditional increase in share capital at a joint-stock company (art. 449 of the Code);
  • audit of a balance sheet and profit and loss account for a joint-stock company in connection with an increase in share capital from company resources (art. 442 of the Code);
  • audit of the accounting and activity of a limited liability company at the request of a shareholder (art. 223 of the Code);
  • provision of an opinion on the price of a share in a limited liability company (art. 182 of the Code);
  • valuation of shares subject to compulsory buyout (art. 418 of the Code).                   


We combine modern organisation, technology and methodology for audit applied at the largest international audit firms with an individual approach to the client, the full and constant participation of statutory auditors in audit and the ability to support our clients in the resolution of all difficulties encountered, doing so in a unique manner.

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