Advisory services

Advisory services represent the most rapidly developing direction in PRO AUDIT activity. This is a result of the growing demand of the market and the additional needs of our clients to date. It is also in keeping with the policy of the firm and the significant growth in its potential in this area.

The range of advisory services which we perform is highly extensive. These may be grouped in the following manner:

Consultancy in accounting, which covers:

  • consultancy relating to bookkeeping for individual transactions, in accordance with Polish articles, IFRS and other requirements;
  • indication of necessary changes, as regards both the manner in which books are kept and the manner in which financial statements are drawn up, following an analysis of these differences, in accordance with Polish articles and other requirements (e.g. IFRS);
  • elaboration and implementation of new accounting principles in accordance with IFRS, including:

- elaboration of accounting policy, in accordance with IFRS, and

- preparation of templates of financial reporting;

  • analysis of differences between accounting principles applied thus far and principles resulting from IFRS;
  • elaboration and implementation of consolidated reporting;
  • support in the implementation of accounting computer systems.

Transaction consultancy, relating in particular to:

  • a full service with regard to acquisitions, mergers, divisions and transformations of economic units;
  • the drawing up of business plans, budgets and forecasts for the purposes of various business transactions;
  • support in the process of buying and selling shares, including through due diligence (financial, tax and legal), as well as valuation of enterprises and organised parts of enterprises;
  • support for other processes requiring valuation of various property elements, trademarks etc.;
  • allocation of a purchase price for individual property elements.

Tax consultancy, of full scope, covering areas including:

  • ongoing legal and tax support (a full subject range with regard to tax);
  • tax analyses of economic transactions including mergers, incorporations, long-term economic contracts and investment assumptions;
  • tax planning and allowances and exemptions;
  • the drawing up of tax documentation of transactions with related entities, so-called transfer pricing;
  • analyses of the degree to which transfer of profits is effective;
  • preparation of addresses to tax authorities;
  • preparation of appeals and complaints and full legal services in the course of tax inspections;
  • analysis of the legal and tax situation of legal entities (tax audit);
  • analysis of the legal and tax situation of enterprises for potential investors (tax due diligence);
  • collaboration with accounting services and statutory auditors.

Business consultancy, including:

  • opinions with regard to estimation of lost profits;
  • consultancy in organisation or optimisation of the internal audit functions;
  • elaboration of an internal audit plan and its accomplishment;
  • outsourcing of the internal audit functions;
  • outsourcing of selected elements of enterprise finance management (e.g. reporting, controlling);
  • forensic audits, aimed at detecting economic crimes and abuses;
  • performance of the role of expert in contentious issues, with provision of opinions on the finances of enterprises, standards of accounting and valuation of losses and lost profits.


Professional consultancy supporting the fundamental activity of an entity is often a determinant of the competitive advantage of this entity. This is why our experience, acquired in an international environment among the largest and most rapidly developing firms and groups of enterprises, is of such significance and value to our clients.

In addition, our individual approach, professionalism and ability to find positive solutions together justify the statements of those of our clients who say: 'we know that the subject is exceptionally difficult, but this is also why we are bringing it to you.'  These are for us exceptional recommendations and we value them greatly.

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