Accounting services

We offer a full range of accounting services and general outsourcing, covering in particular:

  • ongoing bookkeeping together with the preparation of financial internal and external reports;
  • the drawing up of financial statements according to defined principles (Polish, IFRS and others) on the basis of account books;
  • transformation of Polish account books into consolidation packages (financial statements) in accordance with IFRS, and other particular requirements (e.g. those of international groups of enterprises), as part of so-called compilation services or as an advisory service for an entity;
  • elaboration and verification of documentation for accounting principles (policy), including a chart of accounts;
  • creation and implementation (as well as verification) of effective accounting systems, corresponding both to articles of the Accounting Act and to requirements of effective management;
  • elaboration and implementation of document circulation systems;
  • elaboration and implementation of systems and procedures of internal control, as well as of other internal documents, adopted to the specific nature of an entity, such as instruction for stock count;
  • supervision of bookkeeping;
  • the drawing up of reports and analyses for clients (management accounting);
  • adaptation of bookkeeping systems to group requirements;
  • evaluation of the conformity of bookkeeping systems with requirements of the Accounting Act and group requirements;
  • performance of internal control procedures at firms, in line with principles applying at a given group of enterprises as well as with rules drawn up independently;
  • a full range of human resources and payroll support.


The manner in which we perform outsourcing services allows our clients to focus on their real business, development, strategy and key decisions. We provide them with appropriate and current information.

Accounting services, depending on their nature, are performed both through an experienced accountancy department, engaged in collaboration and overseen by statutory auditors, and by expert teams, specialising in international reporting, consolidation packages, internal control and management accounting.

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